What Is Physical Fitness? And Its Important In Life

What Is Physical Fitness health

Physical fitness is important in everybody’s life all the way what is physical fitness is?

Physical fitness means if our body system and organs work together efficiently to do any work like lifting weights, doing regular activities is called a healthy body, It is a healthy physical fit body.

A fit person can go walking, do gardening, do the home activities without any problem. A fit person will always be ready to help others that means a person is actively fit in physical fitness and mentally fit.

We will discuss what is physical and mental fitness in deeply. If a person being fit means he able to perform daily activities with effectiveness.

You need to fulfill 5 Components to be healthy

Below are the 5 components that you need to fulfill that prove you have a perfect physical strength and ability to all the activities in a strong manner.

what is physical fitness

Physical fitness is covered with some of some important components that include skill-related and health-related. They are

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance,
  2. Muscular Strength,
  3. Muscular endurance,
  4. Flexibility,
  5. Body Composition.

These are the Pancha components that we need to understand why they are important in our healthy life.

These are the major components used to test a person is physically fit or not.

Full details discussed here. First Cardiovascular Endurance, If we do jogging, running, swimming and cycling we need to use oxygen to run heat and lungs properly. You can do these activities your body is normal and Cardio’s health is very good.

Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance is the ability to muscle performance without getting quick tired. Muscular strength can be tested with push-ups, bicep curl or leg press and bench press.

Check definition for Muscular Strength

Who can perform better movements while walking, running, standing for specific joints with Flexibility? Body composition is to measure perfect body weights for a suitable age.

Here we check and calculate fat, weight, underwater weight, and skinfold readings. If a person fits all these criteria he is a well being physically fitness person.

Why do we need to be fit in it?

In our modern world, nobody is caring for his health and body. Nobody is much aware of physical fitness because they don’t have time to exercise and be analyzed their well-being life.

Physical fitness is the most important in our life. People who lived earlier had a physically fit body but today people don’t that much flexibility because now everyone is sitting in front of the computer for 12 hours to do complete work.

By then the industrial revolution was not developed. That’s why they worked very hard, today most of the works do by robots in the industry.

They do not have time to exercise and all are these physical workouts. Join in our physical fitness course and give me your 5 minutes daily to improve your physical exercise workout. We teach all the do’s and don’t in our entire course.

In this modern technology, we invented some physical fitness trackers to track our heart rate and pulse rate and more. Use these gadgets to analyze where we are.

Take the help of these smart tools to be healthy and analyze daily time to time reports and we need to give attention to the state of being our healthy bodies.

Why do we need to be fit?

A fit body can do anything without any effort. Physical fitness and Exercise is very important for everyone’s life. If a person children or adult it is the daily task for everyone’s life everyone does physical activity.

Everyone’s ability is different it depends on their ability. Doing daily exercise he can be good for health and stay active throughout the day.

Some of the keypoints what should you expect being fit.

  • Improve your health
  • Increase your life expectancy
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Stay Active throughout the day
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Be healthy & Save money
  • Improve your muscle strength

Braches of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness majorly can be divided into two parts. 1. Health-related physical fitness 2. Skill Related physical fitness.

In the above section, we discussed how to test a person whether he is physically fit or not. It is also important to calculate whether he is fit for health and skill or not.

Health-related physical fitness

A person who plays good games and runs well in a track but we can not say he is having good health. Good health means without suffering from any diseases.

That person runs well but he has diabetes that means he not perfectly healthy. The person who runs better in tracks that is the power of physical fitness but he is not completely healthy.

It is also important to note that a person feels better, looks better and has more potential energy to do regular work without anyone’s help, he is a healthy person. You don’t have to be a great sportsperson to be a healthy life. Regular physical activity can also improve fitness in health-related situations.

Fulfill 5 main components of fitness to be good at health-related physical fitness as we told above section they are including Cardiorespiratory fitness, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition.

Skill Related physical fitness

Understand the term that “good health doesn’t come from being a popular athlete”. It is the state of being good at physical fitness. As we grow skills that don’t mean that we improved our health.

Not everyone does not have equal strength and energy to perform better results. Everyone has different abilities and skills. Good health comes to that person who can do daily activities with his own hands without getting any difficult effort.

jogging for good health

A topper and a loser in an athletic world can be happier because they both are happy with good health in other words health are not mean a better skill it is the state of being healthy. There is no differentiation between them only the change is a skill. A person who has more skill that doesn’t mean his more healthy.

In the end, A Healthy Person can perform better activities at a normal level and speed. He can do swimming, running, walking, play games like tennis, soccer, cricket everything he can do with minimal performance.

Final Words

Be healthy and Be Fit that would encourage to live happily without any disease. Fit in both physically or mentally.

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