Simple Ways To Weight Loss By Walking

weight loss by walking

Weight loss by walking When we select walking for the burning of fat and weight loss then depending on the style of walking it is classified into two types.

They are..,

1) Speed walking (fast walk)

In speed walking tiredness arrives quickly, the rate of heart-beat rises then it leads to the burning of fat and weight of the body decreases.

Burning of fat is not a sudden process it is a slow process. When 1 gram of fat burns then 9 (nine) calories of energy is released it is very huge amount of energy when we compared with proteins and fats Only 4 (four) calories of energy is released so burning of fat is a source of energy.

2) Long walk

In the long walking movement of walking is moderate such as neither fast nor slow. In long walking burning of stored fat will not occur but the burning of sugars occur. Both the processes such as the burning of stored fats and stored sugars is an energy-releasing process.

The fat burning will take place by doing exercises regularly with high intensity in that situation the rate of heartbeat is very high when we compared with the normal heartbeat. With increasing the rate of heartbeat tremendous changes occur in the body.

By doing exercises energy stored in the body is spent in the form of calories. The unit of energy is calories, another unit of energy is joule. When the calories are burned among them 5% are proteins, 10% are carbohydrates and 85% of calories are obtained by burning of fats only.

Best places for walking

Choose the best places for walking. Places with greenery, dust-free areas, unpolluted areas or less polluted areas.

Lichens grow in unpolluted areas these are commonly named as pollution indicators. So one can easily identify the polluted and unpolluted areas by simply observing the growth of lichens these are formed by the combination of algae and fungi.

Best Time for Walking

The best time for walking is morning only between 5 five to 6 six. Because at that time traffic is very very less everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air is available which provides peacefulness.

Precautions follow during walking: Injuries may occur during walking to avoid the injuries and stay fit one wear walking shoes these help in avoiding injuries from small stones and other sharp objects.

Specialties in walking

Walking is a great cardiovascular aerobic exercise it does not need any special training and special equipment it is a simple exercise and anyone can perform easily without much effort.

How much time walk to lose weight?

Weight loss does not occur in one day it needs continuous efforts. By moderate walk daily 30 (Thirty) minutes it is possible to burn nearly 100 to 300 calories. By moderate walk every day one hour one can burn around 200 to 300 calories easily.

Fat burning is not an easy process during the first thirty minutes of walking our body uses stored sugars of our body. These sugars burn during the first 30 minutes of walking provide energy for walking.

After the 30 minutes of walk fat from fat cells starts burning. This stored fat is what you want to lose and by daily walking more time and more distance it is easy to burn the fat and one can achieve an attractive look.

How to improve walking performance?

When you are walking to lose weight you should improve the walking performance every day. When you walk 30 minutes on the first day again the next day you have to walk 35 minutes on the third day you have to walk 40 minutes. so by improving the walking performance day by day fats stored in the body dissolves easily and the weight starts decreasing.

Role of a balanced diet in walking: To lose weight steadily the people who start walking for weight loss they have to eat fewer calories per day than they burn off. They will take the calorie deficient food around 300 to 500 this is a part of the exercise.

The daily intake of calories for weight loss varies from person to person depending on their activity levels and their age, height, and personality.

Health benefits of walking:

1). Maintain a healthy weight walking controls the blood pressure and improve the heart health, boosts the immune system, preventing dementia which is common with the aging process and delays aging

2). Overcome depression: With a busy life schedule, many people are suffering from stress and depression problems. By walking daily around 30 minutes is useful to give relief from the stress and help to overcome the problem of depression.

3). Helps in producing vitamin D: Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin it plays a crucial role in calcium metabolism. calcium is an important element in muscle contraction and it’s a major constituent in bones. So vitamin D plays a crucial role in strengthening the muscles and bones.

4). Reduce the risk of diabetes: The problem of weight loss is totally controlled by the regular practice of walking so the chance of diabetes is very less for regular walkers.

5). Reduce the risk of cancer: cancer is a deadly dangerous disease it is caused by the lack of coordination between the cells. For regular walkers, the chance of suffering from cancer is very less.

6). Improves memory: with the aging the problem of memory loss is common. It can overcome by the regular practicing of walking and other simple exercises. Walking also helps in improving creativity.

Other exercises for weight loss:

1) Jogging or Running

2) Yoga

3) Swimming

4) Cycling Jogging

Running and yoga do not need any special equipment jogging can be easily practiced at grounds and stadiums and yoga is easily practiced at homes.

Swimming requires special training and a lot of practice is needed to achieve the perfectiveness. Cycling is very easy and interesting practicing of cycling is very easy in grounds.

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