Yoga Mat with Free Yoga mat Bag Anti Skid

DURABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY YOGA MAT – The EVA material is extremely durable and eco friendly. It lasts up to 5 times more than a regular plasticky mat! The material is biodegradable and free from PVC, silicone, latex, and other toxic materials. We believe in creating quality and Eco-friendly products for our customers!

This Yoga Mat is designed to give you the most comfortable yoga experience possible. The extra-thick mat protects joints without compromising support or stability



SWEAT RESISTANT AND WASHABLE YOGA MAT – Next time don’t stress when you sweat while doing yoga. The yoga mat is completely sweat resistant and has a Moisture resistant Technology which makes the mat easily washable with soap and water.

  • This yoga mat is Light-weighted, Durable, and has non-slip surface so you can perform any movement with confidence.The subtly textured surface prevents hands and feet from slipping out of position so you can hold. It is suitable for Non-slip on Wood Floor, Cement Floor, Tiles Floor.
  • Care Tips: Do not place in the washing machine or dryer, Please clean before and after using, clean regularly and keep it dry for healthy using.



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