Wild Muscle – All Natural Muscle Builder

  • SUPERB: TASTE AND RESULTS – Wild Muscle is a results-driven formula made with world-class ingredients. It does not have a bitter or bad taste; it mixes easily, doesn’t foam, smells pleasant, and tastes like a delicious chocolate shake. Wild Muscle is a blend of organic, grass-fed whey protein isolate and concentrate, creatine HCL, BCAA, and glutamine. Wild Muscle benefits: Muscle gain, strength, and recovery; improves endurance, enhances testosterone, and higher energy without any side effects.
  • ZERO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS – We add zero highly processed or denatured whey proteins, zero artificial sweeteners (no aspartame, sucralose, or acesulfame potassium), zero artificial flavors and colors, zero preservatives, zero thickeners (gum or xanthan gum), zero synthetic multivitamins, zero GMOs (soy lecithin), zero chemicals, zero banned substances, and strictly zero low-standard ingredients. Wild Muscle is 100% natural and it does not contain any dangerous or unhealthy ingredients.


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