Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

Overall strength, muscular development, and athletic performance require the support of strong forearms, wrists, and hands. Even daily activities like carrying bags and opening jars require a strong grip.

  • The material of the handgrip strengthener is good-quality ABS plastic.
  • This Strengthener makes the handgrip strengthener more durable.
  • The handgrip strengthener is adopted in ergonomic design, especially in the part of non-slip hand gripper.
  • This will perfectly fit in different hand sizes.
  • Useful in Hand, Finger, Forearm, and Wrist Exercise.
  • Portable and popular equipment makes a nice gift!
  • Ideal for athletes, musicians, rock climbers, golfers, and tennis players.
  • You can increase the resistance as your strength develops.

Product Description

Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener


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