Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder

  • NUTRITIONAL DRINK FOR KIDS: Enfagrow A+ is a nutritional milk powder with DHA for children aged 2 years and above.
  • BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Enfagrow A+ kids nutrition contains DHA Plus – a combination of DHA & 8 essential nutrients – which supports all-round brain development – Intellectual, Motor, Emotional, and Communication skills.
  • PHYSICAL GROWTH: Enfagrow A+ health drink for kids has Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, and Magnesium to promote growth.


  • BETTER IMMUNITY: Enfagrow A+ nutritional drink for children contains vitamins A, B, C, E, Iron, Zinc, and Pre-Biotics which build 3 types of immunity: Respiratory Health, Digestive Health, and Resistance to Infection.
  • COMPLEMENTS DIET: Enfagrow A+ health drink for children provides nutrients that children may not get enough of in their diet. It helps meet nutrient RDA levels and also alleviate the nutrient deficiency.
  • WORLD’s #1: Enfagrow is the World’s #1 children’s nutrition brand globally. It is developed by Mead Johnson Nutrition, the global #1 in child nutrition with over 100 years of scientific research & experience.


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