Deluxe Manual Analogue Weighing Scale up to 130 kg

  • Weight up to 130 kg Capacity
  • Easy To Read And Easy To Understand. It Is Durable And Shows You Accurate Results.
  • The scale shows both Kgs and lbs. It is a mechanical weighing scale before weighing the user must ensure it pointing to 0.
  • Weigh yourself the same time each day without meals and without footwear. The first thing in the morning is a good time. Repeated weighing is not suggested.


Personal Weighing Scale by Mcp – Monitor your fitness every day

The main reason to pick up a weighing scale is to give you a clear picture of your health and fitness on a daily basis. Mcp brings you an attractive personal analog weighing scale which saves the hassle of battery change. With a larger surface area, it provides more space to stand on and has a white button on one side to dial it down to zero before use.

Mcp weighing scale weighing machine mechanical for human body weight personal bathroom weight scale


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