Fitness 30 Day Challenge Will Make You Feel Like A Badass

fitness 30 day challenge

Fitness 30-day challenge course will reveal all the secrets about how to fit your body without any instruments within a home.

What is the 30-day workout challenge

To have Attractive personality, good posture is a desire for every one, But Present day lifestyles very busy due to the busy schedule in work there is no time walk freely even in our surroundings. Especially the persons who working in software companies have to much burden of work, they have to work continuously by sitting infront of system for 9 to 10 hours per day.

This heavy work creates lot of pressure to their brain this will results in the Depression Problems. Without physical exercises and heavy work most of them are suffering with Psychological problems.

Now a days students are completely stick to the classrooms, in many schools don’t have a ground. schools are giving priority to exams only, Among students also over weight problems are arising due to the lack of physical exercises.

Now a days over weight is a major problem in our society irrespective of age. From school going children to old aged people all are suffering with over weight problems.

Effects caused by Fat Accumulation:

Sufficient Amount of fat in our body is essential for our health. sufficient amount of fat is essentional in our body because it needed for maintaining the metabolic activities in our body such as hormonal activities, immune system activities.

When excess quantity of fat is accumulated in our body it will lead to many critical health diseases such as osteo arthrities, heart diseases such as heart stroke And some type of cancers such as breast cancer, endometrial cancer.
These all dangerous diseases will reduce the life span and causes early death.Fat accumulation can change the shape of body to very ugly.

Suggestions For weight loss

Reducing of body weight is not a easy task, it need continuous efforts. The people who have strong dedication can reduce their body weight by doing physical exercises such as running, walking and by taking the controlled deit.

Physical exercises for weight loss:

At homes: So The Persons who don’t have the time to do exercise outside such as grounds, Gymnastics they can Reduce their weight and their by attractive by performing home exercises.

These home exercises don’t need equipment such as we can use in Gyms and they are easy to perfome without wasting much time. By the home exercises between 45 to 90 minutes of time we can see the excellent results in loosing the weight.

Types of home exercises :

1) Yoga

2) Planks

3) Skipping

Yoga : Every year in June 21 celebrated as a World yoga day. In India yoga is practiced from thousands of years. Yoga not only help in reducing weight but also it give relief from the stress.

Yoga asana to reduce weight :

In Yoga Surya namaskara have a huge importance. The 12 postures in Surya namaskara give relief from the stress and help in reducing the cholesterol. In addition to these 12 asana many complex asanas such as

Complex Yoga Asanas :

1) Chakrasana
2) Shirshasan
3) Vyagrasana

etc: These complex yoga is do by well practitioners. So by looking the you tube videos also any one can practice yoga Perfectly.

Planks :

Plank exercises need just little place, in small room also these are well practiced without any equipment. So the people who don’t have gym centres at near by areas by doing Plank exercises they can reduce their weight easily.

Types of Plank exercises :

Level 1: Static knee forearm plank

Level 2: Static forearm plank

Level 3 : Static single-leg forearm plank

Level 4 : Dynamic elbow to wrist plank

For beginners plank exercises are not easy, they have to tolerate strong pain, with a continuous effect they can over come from the pains. By practicing the planks daily two times morning and evening each time one hour we can get the good results in a very short time.

  • Skipping

Skipping is easily practiced at homes, skipping not requires a to much place, skipping not only reduce weight but also help in increasing height. So the people who want to become slim and tall they have to practice skipping regularly.

*Uses of skipping

1) Skipping is a good exercise for developing the bone strength and leg strength

2) The persons who have the practice of skipping regularly they will not suffer from heart problems and they looking very attractive.

3) Regular practice of skipping can delays the process of ageing it means with increasing age also they look young.

4) Skipping is a full body workout exercise.

  • Out side exercises

1) Playing games

2) Running &Walking

3) Gym

  • Playing of games :

Every person has a talent in particular game. Games not only develop physical growth but they give relief from the stress. By playing the games daily at least one hour every one become healthy and fit.

*Running :

Running is a best exercise for students and youth people. By daily practice of running can makes healthy and fit.

Uses of running :

1) To overcome from the depression running is a best exercise, so the people who are suffering with a problem of depression by practicing running daily they easily over come from the problem of depression.

2) Running is a one of aerobic exercise and it can improve the physical and mental health.

  • Walking :

Walking is a best exercise for old aged people. The best time for walking is morning time around 6 to 7 pm. During these time climate is extremely favourable, fresh air is available from the atmosphere.

Uses of walking :

1) Like running, walking also essentional to over come from the depression.

2) Regular and continuous walk will strength bones and muscles.

  • Gym :

Different varieties of equipment is available in gyms even in remote areas. Mostly young people are attracted to the gyms.

Uses of gyms :

1) Different variety of equipments in gym help in developing the muscles and bones also become strong and healthy, The most common problem to bones is osteoporosis. This problem is prevented by doing gym workouts.

  • Affect of food on weight loss :

High calorie food can quickly increases the weight. So the Persons who want to loose the weight and become slim have to maintain the deit properly.

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